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Breath & Blood Tests Attorney in Kansas City, Kansas

Make Sure Your Test Was Accurate

Learn More About Breath and Blood Tests in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, Missouri

In Missouri, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08%. Anything over that is subject to a drunk driving violation. The Richman Law Office LLC will discuss your rights with you when it comes to how the test was administered.

As your DUI attorney in Kansas City, Kansas, I will learn if your test was given by breath or blood and what type of machine was used. I’ll ask you about:

  • How the machine was administered

  • The police procedure that was done

  • The circumstances surrounding your arrest

If I win your case, your record can be expunged from the charges. Contact the Richman Law Office LLC today to speak with a DWI attorney in Kansas City, Kansas & Kansas City, Missouri about your case.

Know Your Rights

Get Assistance in Fighting Your Test

I'll challenge a breath test in order to help build your defense. You can also refuse the breath test and go for a blood test. I can defend you if or when information is used against you. Call 913-735-5883 today to speak with a DUI attorney in Kansas City, Kansas & Kansas City, Missouri about breath and blood tests.