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DUI/DWI & Traffic Law Attorney in Kansas City, Kansas

If you are dealing with legal issues including DUI, traffic, or criminal charges in the Kansas City area of either Kansas or Missouri, choosing an experienced attorney can make all the difference. With the Richman Law Office LLC, you will be able to face your challenges with confidence. If your legal issues are holding you back, call the Richman Law Office today to get the reliable legal assistance you need.

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Attorney Brett Richman

Brett Richman

Attorney at Law

After spending two years working as a prosecutor in DUI cases, attorney Brett Richman started his own private law firm and put the knowledge he acquired to use by providing Kansas City area clients in both Missouri and Kansas with legal counsel to help defend themselves against DUI and DWI charges. As an experienced litigator, Brett focuses his practice on vigorously defending the rights and interests of his clients in a variety of cases involving traffic violations and criminal charges. For individuals in need of skilled legal representation for criminal defense, or record expungement, Brett Richman has the insight and experience to help them pursue the best possible outcome for their case.


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Confident Litigation

When your legal situation ends up in a courtroom, you need an attorney who is very confident and comfortable with laying out the evidence and presenting your case in front of a judge or jury. Brett Richman argues cases on behalf of his clients virtually every day. Brett has the extensive experience you need on your case and has no hesitation appearing in front of a judge or jury to fight for his clients.

Practical Guidance

No two cases can be handled exactly the same. Brett knows this and will work with you to help you understand the details of your unique situation. Brett prioritizes dealing with his clients in an honest & straightforward manner. He will review every aspect of your case, explain the legal options that are available to you, and help you make informed decisions that can help you move forward.

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Don't Leave Your Future Up to Chance

The outcome of a legal case can have long-lasting or even permanent effects on your life. When your current privileges, future opportunities, reputation, and even your very freedom is at stake, you need the best legal counsel at your disposal. For individuals facing legal issues in the Kansas City area — in both Missouri and Kansas, the Richman Law Office LLC has the experience to put you in a favorable position moving forward.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a DUI/DWI arrest or other traffic violations, Brett will work tirelessly to see that your rights are defended. Your driver's license faces suspension or revocation, so taking quick action to defend your driving privileges is important. Let Brett argue your case and help you seek a more positive outcome.

Criminal charges can feel like an overwhelming obstacle in your life, but you don't have to deal with your situation alone. Let a qualified, seasoned criminal defense attorney review your case in detail, develop an effective strategy, and guide you through the legal process. Whether it's assault & battery, burglary & theft, or gun & drug charges, Brett will represent you and fight for your rights with excellence.

Brett proudly serves clients in Kansas City on both sides of the Kansas and Missouri state line. He will help you face your legal challenges in pursuit of a positive solution. For legal counsel in cases involving DUI/DWI, traffic law, criminal defense, or expungement, call the Richman Law Office LLC today to schedule a consultation.