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When your future is at stake, trust Richman Law Office LLC to represent you. You need a smart criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, Kansas to coach you throughout your trial. Attorney Brett Richman will analyze your situation and develop a strong argument in support of your freedom.

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What Counts as Robbery?

Robbery is taking something from someone either by force or by threatening them. Examples of robbery include purse snatching, pickpocketing, and mugging. This is classified as a level 5 felony.

Aggravated robbery, on the other hand, occurs when an armed robber uses a weapon to harm the victim. This is classified as a level 3 felony. If you’re convicted of armed robbery, you’ll most likely be going to prison. Only a resourceful criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, Kansas can defend your charge effectively. Count on attorney Brett Richman to do everything possible to affect the outcome of your case.

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