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When you’re facing murder charges, it’s important to talk with an attorney who has the highest possible level of skill and experience. The Richman Law Office LLC handles criminal cases involving murder in Kansas City, Kansas or the Kansas City, Missouri area

My focus is on working to save the life of someone charged with murder or homicide. Defense lawyers who handle capital cases are held to the highest standards. The outcome of your case could depend on the result of exhaustive document review or the finest hair-splitting of legal procedure.

Talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, Kansas & the Kansas City, Missouri area about your case today.

Serious Crimes Need
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It's Important to Understand Your Rights

In most cases, a client approaches us after questioning takes place. You need legal representation as soon as you’re arrested. You need to know your rights so you can say:

  • “Am I free to leave?”

  • “Why can’t I leave?”

  • “I don’t consent to talk.”

I’ll go over the things you should say in your defense. Call 913-735-5883 today to speak with a criminal defense attorney about murder charges in Kansas City, Kansas & the Kansas City, Missouri area.