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If you’ve been charged with burglary in the Kansas City, Kansas area, hire the Richman Law Office LLC to defend you. Attorney Brett Richman will examine the evidence to develop a robust defense strategy. He’ll review your case from every angle and work toward the best possible outcome for your case.

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Burglary is knowingly entering a:

  • Building

  • Manufactured Home

  • Mobile Home

  • Aircraft

  • Railroad Car

  • Tent

  • Car

  • Boat

…without permission while intending to commit a felony, theft or sexual assault. Burglarizing a house or apartment is a level 7 felony, and entering a business is a level 9 felony. If you don’t have a criminal record, you could be facing up to 12 months of probation. If you’ve already been convicted of this crime, you could wind up in jail. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, Kansas will analyze your situation to learn how to best defend your rights.

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